Friday, 3 August 2012

Check if a Machine is Laptop - VBScript

dim l_objService
dim l_objEnum
dim l_boolIsLaptopNotebookOrTablet : l_boolIsLaptopNotebookOrTablet = false

set l_objService = getObject("winmgmts:root\cimv2")
set l_objEnum = l_objService.ExecQuery("select __relpath, chassisTypes from Win32_SystemEnclosure")

for each l_objChassis in l_objEnum

if IsArray(l_objChassis.ChassisTypes) then
for l_intItem = lbound(l_objChassis.ChassisTypes) to ubound(l_objChassis.ChassisTypes)
l_intType = l_objChassis.ChassisTypes(l_intItem)
if l_intType = 8 or l_intType = 9 or l_intType = 10 then
l_boolIsLaptopNotebookOrTablet = true
msgbox l_boolIsLaptopNotebookOrTablet
end if
end if

if IsObject(l_objService) then
set l_objService = nothing
end if

if l_boolIsLaptopNotebookOrTablet = true then
wscript.quit 1
wscript.quit 0 ' not a computer system that we are concerned about in this package
end if

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