Friday, 3 August 2012

Dialog ICEs - MSI Validation

ICE17 checks for some common problems with the Control table, including the

• PushButton controls without entries in the Event table
• Bitmap or Icon controls without entries in the Binary table
• RadioButtonGroup, ListBox, ComboBox, or ListView controls without
entries in the corresponding tables

ICE20 verifies that required dialogs are present and that they have the required controls. For example, there must be a FilesInUse dialog box and it must have a Listbox control and three PushButton controls with specific properties set.

ICE23 checks that the tab order is correct for every dialog. That is, it makes sure that there is a Control_First control specified for every dialog, and that the Control_Next properties for each dialog form a single closed loop.

ICE31 validates that any text styles used in the Control table are actually defined in the TextStyle table.

ICE34 checks for inconsistencies in the RadioButton table and the corresponding RadioButtonGroup controls. For example, it makes sure that the default value of the control is one of the values listed in the RadioButton table.

ICE44 checks the NewDialog, SpawnDialog and SpawnWaitDialog rows in the
ControlEvent table to be sure that these rows reference dialogs that actually exist in the Dialog table.

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