Friday, 3 August 2012

Property ICEs - MSI Validation

ICE05 checks to make sure that required properties, including ProductName, ProductLanguage, ProductVersion, ProductCode, and Manufacturer, are present in the database.

ICE16 checks the length of the ProductName property to make sure it does not
exceed the maximum allowed 63 characters.

ICE24 checks the data types of the ProductCode, ProductVersion, and Product-
Language properties.

ICE46 looks at the database for properties that differ only in case (for example, “MyProperty” and “myProperty”). Because the Installer is case-sensitive, such properties are treated as two distinct properties. This is usually not what the developer intended. If you really did want to have separate MyProperty and myProperty properties, you can ignore the warnings from this ICE.

ICE52 checks for private properties in the AppSearch table. All properties in the AppSearch table must be public properties (that is, their names must be entirely upper case).

ICE69 inspects strings of the Formatted data type, looking for [$componentkey] substrings. These substrings must refer to the same component that is referenced in the Component column of the table being inspected.

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